The Secret is Out

OK…OK. I have let the cat out of the bag. The dulce de leche that we use to create our wonderful DULCE DE LECHE SWIRL, DULCE LECHE STRACCIATELLA & DULCE DE LECHE DOLCATA is San Ignacio. One of the finest brands of dulce de leche from Argentina with a long tradition in the art. & art it is. A good dulce de leche has a wonderful taste profile as it winds its way through your tastebuds with waves of warm, sweet, burnt, caramelly, nutty and creamy. We have been stuffing fresh churros with dulce de leche now for about 6 months. Warm crisp dough stuffed with hot dulce de leche. & that accompanied by a Toscano Espresso latte…HALLELUJAH BROTHER!! We cannot make enough to supply the mad frenzies, especially on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Our little Wisconsin shop turns into an alternate dimension come Saturday and Sunday about 2 o’clock. The three hour period from 2pm to 5pm wisks by, feeling more like 5 minutes. Everyone gets into their zone and works away like little machines…little machines fueled with sweet dulce de leche…ahhhh…I knew I would get back around to the subject, dulce de leche. After that short ramble, it all comes down to the dulce de leche, the sweet dulce de leche.