Coffee is an essence that we pay very close attention to. It is the ritual we begin every day with and it is by far our most important meal of the day, as it sets the tone for the rest of it. We work hand in hand with Unido to feature a full rotating roster of their immaculately sourced and roasted coffee beans. Is there anything better than an espresso to accompany your gelato? We don’t think so.



The Hunapu espresso, like many of our coffees, has been a collaboration between Sey Coffee Roasters and Dolcezza. The coffee is grown in Antigua, Guatemala at an altitude of 1500-2000 meters above sea level. It is washed-processed, which allows elegant and clean notes to be pronounced in every cup.

We picked Hunapu because we felt that it is a very balanced bean- and by finding the right roast level we would be able to achieve sweet chocolate notes with hints of hazelnut, as well as fruitiness of green grapes. It is not only a complex shot of espresso, but it also compliments our milk beverages harmoniously.

Brewed Coffee


We offer at least 4 single origin coffees and 1 decaf coffee, receiving fresh roasted beans every Wednesday and featuring 2 different brewing methods. For those on the go we serve a coffee of the day brewed on a Fetco brewer, and for those with a little more time, we offer 4 single origin coffees using a Chemex coffee brewer, delivering a more nuanced, full body coffee.



The most important part to a good cup of coffee is the craftsmanship, and the barista is the one who coaxes out the balanced sweetness and acidity from the coffee bean. The first shot of espresso in the morning is a ritual for all of us, as we constantly search for that perfectly balanced shot, which changes throughout the day. The elusiveness of good coffee is what draws us in and it is what keeps us in tune.