The char-bucks challenge

So, now that it is getting cold out, we are rolling up our sleeves and going deeper down the coffee hole. Beginning Monday, November the 6th we are opening our doors at 7am. Not only are we psyched about the lack of sleep, but we are psyched about our new offering. Monday through Friday, in between the hours of 7am & 10am, we will give away a free latte to anyone who feels it is not the best latte they have had in Georgetown. It’s that simple. If you say it’s the best, you pay, if you say it’s not the best, we pay.
So, why are we doing this? Well, we think there is a huge difference when one uses fresh roasted beans. It is obviously not that simple, but the beans are a very good starting point. How big of a difference is there between a latte prepared on a super automatic machine by a barista who never touches the process and a hand crafted latte, prepared carefully using fresh roasted beans and finely frothed milk, per cup? You tell us. We were baptised into the coffee world at Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Portland, Oregon over 8 years ago and we have never seen coffee the same. This offering will begin on Monday, November the 6th and will go until…we don’t know…we will see…
We will also be serving fresh baked muffins, hand crafted by the artisans at The Bread Ovens at Quail Creek Farm in West Virginia. We will start with their Wild Blueberry and Pumpkin Apple Muffins. I met Wes, the baker at the Penn Quarter Farmers Market on my ritual Thursday visits to the nice ladies at Toigo Orchards. Their fruit and veggies rock and his bread and pastries are out of this world. We will also be squeezing fresh orange juice every morning, making a fresh pot of French Press coffee, starting with Counter Culture’s El Salvador Finca Mauritania coffee, brewing Mighty Leaf teas and of course pulling goopy goppy shots of Toscano Espresso, also roasted by the folks at Counter Culture Coffee. We may also start to offer some of their small auction lot whole beans.

char-bucks challenge begins on Monday, November the 6th, 7am, be there or drink bad coffee.