Cowgirl Creamery

On Sunday, October the 8th, the kind ladies at Cowgirl Creamery had a very special event. They invited several cheese producers, a northern california olive oil producer and our humble little selves over at Dolcezza. Nan McEvoy was there from McEvoy Ranch, a lady from Neal’s Yard Dairy in England, a lady from Redwood Hill Farm in Sonoma, a lady from Jasper Hill Farm in Greensboro, Vermont and obviously the wonderful cheese makers, Sue and Peggy from Cowgirl Creamery. We were invited to host a tasting station with our sorbetto. We brought along a freshly spun batch of Lemon sorbetto to clean out the palletes of the chefs and other guests that came for the tasting. It was a most enlightening culinary experience, it totally rocked our world and our pallete’s. At the tasting station for Neal’s Yard Dairy, we smelled roasted pineapple and then tasted a piece of cheese to pull out the sweet, acidic citrus notes. We then smelled and ate a piece of prosciutto before eating another piece of the same cheese. This pulled out the creaminess and butteriness of the cheese. Then we tasted honey, then apple cider, all bringing out different notes and layers of the cheese. In between the tastings we returned back to our station and walah – we cleaned out our pallete with an exquisitely tart and not too sweet Lemon sorbetto, then back to another station for another cheese experience. We also spun a small batch of McEvoy Olive Oil gelato, Lemon with Opal Basil and Black Mission Fig sorbetto. We talked with Nan McEvoy and McEvoy Ranch executive chef, Gerald Gass about the gelato we had spun using their olive oil. What better people to ask than the folks that create this olive oil and who know exactly what they are looking for in the taste. They were such nice people and it is just amazing to meet the folks that create this beautiful Olive Oil. We will never forget the experience and were infinitely inspired to create beautiful, hand crafted, locally sourced gelati. Knowing the origins gives some much depth and soul to the craft we are in. It means so much more when we pit the peaches, puree the apples and pour the olive oil when we know the people and places they come from, and we know the passion and care that go into their art.
So, Thank you so much Peggy and Sue from Cowgirl! It was an event we will never forget!

By the way…Keep posted for Dolcezza pints at Cowgirl Creamery. Something like Olive Oil gelato, Gianduia, Creme Fraiche, Black Mission Fig and on & on & on, always following Mother Nature throughout her seasons.