Adios Blackberry

Well, they came, they saw and they blew us away. Beautiful, locally grown Blackberries. I called farmer Chuck (I guess I can call him that?) over at Westmoreland Berry Farm to see if I could pick up 3 more flats at the Arlington Famers Market and they broke the news to us…the Blackberries are gone and they will not be seen again until next season, say around the July timeframe. So, if you were lucky enough to come by and check them out, good for you, if you missed them, I can say nothing to make the pain go away. So, as the Blackberries leave us, the Raspberries begin on the scene, and the Raspberries will be around til about the first frost. Also, the pears and apples are starting to show up. We had our first samples of Bartlett Pears and Honey Crisp Apples last week at Dupont Farmers Market and they were amazing! I think they said something about 15 varieties of pears and 20 varieties of apples when all is said and done in December. With this type of news, it makes it easier to let go of all the summer fruits and ease into the fall season.