Canary Melons in the Morning

There is nothing like the still-ness of the morning. The cool-ness and quiet-ness that hangs in the air can only be found at that moment right before the sun breaks the horizon. That is one advantage of being a gelato-ologist, getting up before the break of dawn to catch these moments of light, shadow and fruit. So, there I was Friday morning, pulling a creamy shot of espresso and resting the frothed milk, all part of my morning ritual to start the day. I had picked up some Canary Melons from Toigo Orchards on Thursday at the Penn Quarter Farmer’s Market and had just cut off a wedge to begin my breakfast just as the sun broke the horizon and illuminated the scene. It was a beautiful moment – a finely crafted, freshly roasted latte, a fresh piece of locally grown melon and a shop full of morning sunlight.

After all was said and done, we spun our first couple of batches of Canary Melon sorbetto. The result was a smooth, creamy white sorbetto with a clean, crisp and fragrant taste throughout. We are winding down the summer months, and the summer fruits will soon be gone. So, come by and check them out before it is too late. Be see’n you around.