Black Mission Figs

We received our first flats of Black Mission Figs today from California. Apart from being down-right delicious, nutty and not so sweet, figs are a bit nostalgic for me. I remember growing up and always visting my grandparents house in Decatur, Georgia. They had this fig tree growing right beside the house and I was always outside picking away and getting full on fresh figs before dinner time, it didn’t seem to effect my performance at the dinner table, so there were never any dinner table dramas with the parents or anything. Anyways, as I was sitting there today woofing down these figs, the first thought that came to me were of my beautiful grandparents. Since they have since up and gone, these first couple of batches are for them, and boy are they gonna be good. We will be spinning up a couple of variations this weekend – Black Mission Fig Sorbetto and Mascarpone gelato with a Black Mission Fig swirl. So, probably beginning this Friday we will feature figs in all their grandparent glory. Hope you can make it by.

– los dolcezzcitos