Feliz Aniversario Dolcezza

So, we have either figured it all out or we have totally lost our minds, but either way, we are giving away free gelato to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. To be more specific, we will be giving away a free Mexican Vanilla Bean Affogato. We take a scoop of our Mexican Vanilla Bean gelato, put it in a nice porcelain cup and pull a shot of espresso right on top. The result is one of the richest dessert creations I have ever eaten. It starts off with the creamy, clean & spicy taste of Mexican Vanilla Bean and finishes ever so sweetly and never so subtley with the rich, chocolatey & nutty flavor of Toscano espresso, compliments of our roaster artisans Counter Culture Coffee. If you like bold flavors, you will be moved by this one. It is really one of the most amazing desserts we have ever encountered, and believe me, we have quite a sweet tooth over here at Dolcezza.
Here’s how it all works. Print out the above photo, bring it in and we will prepare a Mexican Vanilla Bean Affogato on the house, for free, gratis, por nada, for absolutely nothing. This offer will go from today, July 21st until the end of August.