Apocalypse Now

It happened somewhere between AutoFocus, Memento, The Last of the Mohicans, Thank you for Smoking, Thumbsucker and Apocalypse Now (Those are the movies that we watched in between Friday and Saturday). Anyways, I got up to get something to eat and hit the [PAUSE] button on the DVD player. I went straight to the freezer and scooped out a small serving of Meyer Lemon sorbetto, which we had spun the day before. I then added a dollup of Nutella and…and…have u ever listened to Jimi Hendrix sing “Have you ever been experienced…have you ever been experienced…” it went something like that. I had a dessert epiphany. The sweet subtle lemon-mandarin flavors of the Meyer Lemon swirling all around the smooth chocolatey-nutty flavors of the Nutella. It was amazing. So, we figured we would offer this as a sundae beginning tomorrow, Sunday, November the 19th. We are going to whip up a little heavy cream, sugar and tahitian vanilla bean to top it off with a Creme Chantilly. It is an amazing harmony of flavors, a kind of Fiesta of Flavors. We are not sure how much it will cost, but we will figure that out when we get to the store tomorrow morning. But whatever the cost, it will be worth it.

“…this is the end, beautiful friend. this is the end, my only friend, the end, of everything that stands, the end, no safety or surprise, the end…”