Persicco is our favorite heladeria out of the big 3 in Buenos Aires, the other two being Freddo and Volta. Still, our favorite, by light years, remains one heladeria in Tigre called Via Toscana. It is incredible how much gelato these folks consume. Persicco is open until 2am during the week and til 4am for the weekends, that will give you an idea. We are eating dinner at 1am and sitting on rooftops talking, drinking and smoking with friends until the sun comes up the next day. It is such a nice and true break from life back in the USofA. There is another flow down here and each time I return, I understand this flow a little bit more. So much more tranquilo, less programmed and a lot more go-with-the-flow. I could get used to this slow-flow pretty easy. Who knows, maybe someday I will, again.