Buenos Aires

Here we are once again on the eve of our journey, a journey to the burgeoning sleepless city of Buenos Aires, where the airs are warm and full of possibility, where we leave the house at night not knowing for sure what we will find. It’s one of the things I like most about South America, that feeling of controlled chaos, allowing for so much creativity to arise, arising more out of necessity than for any other reason. So, we go to find our family, friends and memories, walking down every street and perched inside of every cafe. We will be going for a month this time, which will allow us to sink a little deeper in the relaxed flow that is South America, and shaking off a little of our crazed city rhythms that we so willingly carry back here. We will be returning in the first week of March, just in time for the arrival of spring, farmers markets and rising gelato sales.

So, we wish everyone a happy rest-of-the-winter & we will be seeing you come spring time. Bon Voyage.