Our little cafe Tryst

There is nothing like waking up and peering out the window to 8 inches of snow. That’s just what happened last Saturday here in DC.

To accompany this dreamy scenario is our little cafe Tryst. She is parked on 18th street NW, right in the heart of Adams Morgan, about a 3 minute walk from our apartment.

It is the place we go to lounge, read, eat, drink wonderful artisan coffee, all the while sinking lower & lower into their comfy hand-me-down sofas that scatter the open garage style space. Just about a week ago, I noticed the barista emptying a bag of Counter Culture Coffee into the grinder hopper. The barista, Mike told me that they had switched over to CCC a couple of weeks back. Wow! CCC is a wonderful artisan roaster in Durham, NC and we use their beans for our espresso drinks in our lovely gelato cafe, Dolcezza. It just makes our neighborhood cafe all the better. There are few things in life better than a carefully pulled shot of espresso. I guess it is like all things and the fact that there are levels of experience within each, like wine, cheese, chocolate, gelato and pretty much everything we do.