Old-world gelato crafted with locally sourced ingredients.

We started in a 300 square foot kitchen in Georgetown in 2004. Since then, our life has been dedicated to creating the most exquisite, seasonal gelato we possibly can.

We are at the heart of a local food movement – dare we say revolution – and fancy ourselves to be working alongside farmers, artisans, butchers, bakers, friends and family who are all about making things with care and craftsmanship.

 We pick up our milk and cream the same day it is bottled from the Perry brothers in York, Pennsylvania. We juice our citrus one by one on an old school hand-crank juicer. We grind Virginia peanuts to make our own peanut butter. We work with strawberries only 4 – 5 weeks per year, the ephemeral window of the Virginia/Pennsylvania strawberry season. We constantly tweak our recipes based on where the fruit is at throughout the season.

 We are obsessed and committed to creating a unique experience, every single time, through each bite of gelato and every sip of coffee.

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