Dulce de Leche musings

Cream being added to our dulce de leche gelato mix. The sweet warm aroma that fills the kitchen makes us all smile πŸ™‚

Marvelous Dulce de Leche. Argentine gelato at its finest. We import a wonderful artisanal dulce de leche and mix it with a dark Stracciatella. The combination is warm and complex as the dulce de leche unfolds through flavors of burnt, creamy sweetness, then finishes off with the rich dark chocolate taste of stracciatella. It makes me realize that most of the others out there hawking their dulce de leche ice cream are not really making dulce de leche. They say that it is the same as caramel, to which I reply, “who stole your pallete?” You gotta try it to see what I am talking about.