a mother’s day message from violeta

2013-08-31 09.58.29

If there is a single most important thing my mother pass on to me is the importance of motherhood. Which to me means giving to my children 150 percent, more than what I give to my partner, to my job and to myself, because my kids are the most precious gift life has ever given me and they deserve the world and beyond.  On daily basis, this means to be present, pick them up from school, spending time with them, listening to them and respecting their persona, even when I am tired, stressed or just want to do something else.  I’m not talking about negating personal fulfillment, I’m all about following my passion and achieving my full potential, but my number one priority are my 2 girls, Pema (4) and Olive (2).  We laugh together, and cry together and they teach me more about myself than anybody has ever done. Every mothers day my mom thanks me for allowing her to be in my life and today I want to thank my daughters for letting me share this life together.

To celebrate our favorite Mama, we’ve made a Mother’s Day Copetta with some of Violeta’s favorite things to share with you: dulce de leche gelato, fresh meringue, and homemade strawberry jam from some of our first berries this season, thanks to Agriberry Farms in Hanover, MD. The Mother’s Day sundae will be available from now through May 25th!