dolcezza’s may playlist

Today’s weather was a friendly reminder to bring you the May playlist. It finally feels like spring for a variety of reasons.

The weather is (mostly) beautiful again. We’re able to open up our patio at the factory and break out the iced drinks. Most importantly, we get to see more of you guys, which is why we do what we do. Primo gelato weather. It’s the start of summer festival season– we’ll be at Sweetlife Festival this Saturday, May 10 with cones and merch. The festival is sold out, but if you’re one of the 23,000 lucky ducks that already have a ticket, come find us with the Locals!

Lastly, the season is finally flourishing. Strawberries are back, our flavors are becoming more vibrant, and of course there’s plenty of pollen in the air.

This playlist is juuuust a little cliche, with a “may flowers” theme to follow our “april showers.” The songs are on the prettier side, and just like the season, they flourish and change and make you want to go outside. It’s got a few of our favorites from some of this year’s Sweetlife artists, too. Just take some zyrtec first. Without further ado…