Dolcezza June Mixtape: Covers Edition

Here’s the best thing about summer traditions: every year, you get a chance to make them a little better. You’ve got years of experience to call on, and from that you have the opportunity to get a little closer to perfect (whatever that means to you). That could mean a better road trip with less traffic, a beach day with less sunburn, a vacation with fewer tourists, or a cookout with even better recipes.

Recipes. That’s where we find our opportunity to improve upon tradition. We’re just at the beginning of a flourishing local produce season– started with strawberries, moving on to blueberries, and peaches are surely around the corner. We’ve got a bounty of herbs to add to those fruits, and every year we have the chance to find new ways to make them a bit better. We’re always down for a remake, or say, a cover. And that’s why the June mixtape is a collection of some of our favorite cover songs. Listen on spotify here.

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