July Ticket Giveaway: Hospitality and Ex-Hex @ Rock & Roll Hotel 7/24

For as long as I’ve lived in DC, summer here has meant a couple of things: stifling humidity, swarms of tourists that don’t know where to stand or walk on (broken) metro escalators, and of course, Fort Reno.  I would brave humidity and infuriating tourists any Monday or Thursday if it meant I’d find my way to Fort Reno. If we could give away tickets to Fort Reno, we totally would– but lucky for everyone involved (and for my teenage self), Fort Reno concerts are free and exist because of amazing volunteers and hard working people.  We’d love to see some of you there sometime!

This month we’re giving you what we believe to be the next best thing: Hospitality and Ex-Hex at Rock and Roll HotelEspecially well timed since Ex-Hex’s Mary Timony has graced Fort Reno herself, and is certainly a local hero in her own right.


This ticket giveaway starts NOW, and runs through 7/23, the day before the concert. Winners are selected at random. CLICK HERE TO ENTER. Good luck!