dolcezza’s july playlist

This is my first summer as part of the Dolcezza team. I’ve been a longtime fan, but now there’s so much more to appreciate. To like raspberries or blueberries is one thing, but to learn what it means to anticipate their arrival and understand how the harvest is affected by the weather is something else. When that fruit arrives, it means so much more.

Now that 14th & P is open, we might find some time to relax somewhere in this month. Our current refuge has been breaks for World Cup matches. But this playlist, as always, is for you. Our beloved patron, food lover, and friend. It’s for your beach day trips, for your car rides when your air conditioning is broken; for nights with friends on the back porch. Click on the image below or here to capture those beach vibes– especially those of you at your desks dreaming of the sand and sea.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 4.21.20 PM