Introducing: The Instagram Scavenger Hunt

Many of you share photos of your Dolcezza experiences on instagram, and we love it! So let’s keep sharing, shall we? We’ve hidden random little objects around each of our four main retail locations (Fairfax, Dupont, Bethesda, Georgetown) and our Mosaic District Pop-Up, and your job is to find them.


Okay, so it’s a little more involved than that.

  1. Find four out of five of those hidden gems.
  2. Instagram each one (and if you’re serious business about your social media, you can use the hashtag #InstagramScavenegerHunt).
  3. Let us know when you have found four (either by making a picstitch like the one above, or emailing us directly with your pictures).
  4. Receive a free pint!

Still pretty easy. Up for the challenge? You can find the participating locations here. Good luck!

PS: We announced this challenge through our newsletter earlier this week. If you’re not subscribed, do so at the bottom of the page!