The Daily Meal: State of the Art Gelato Factory Opens in Washington, DC

We all scream for free ice cream tours! Dolcezza Gelato, the artisan gelato company known for its unusual flavors (some even made with alcohol), has opened up its 4,000-square foot gelato and coffee-making factory space to the public for free tours and to sample their infamous and unique frozen treats.

“The only thing we will serve here is the fresh gelato right off the line,” owner Robb Duncan told The Daily Meal. “Everything in retail shops that’s made the week before or even a day before pales in comparison to when its fresh off the line and soft and melt-in-your-mouth. You can’t trump it.”

Tour guests will learn how gelato is made every step of the way, from the initial cooking and melting-down of the farm-fresh ingredients, to the 110-litre agitator where the concoction is cooled, and then to the freezer where it is molded into gelato form.

Dolcezza Gelato (which means “sweetness ice cream”) has 300 flavors of gelato, sorbet, and ice pops from Thai coconut milk with chocolate chili crumble, to strawberry and tequila sorbet, and cucumber mint vodka gelato. The public will be able to sample some of the gelato and sorbet creations during the free tours to the public, and on the tours guests will be offered pre-packaged pints of their favorite flavors for half-price.

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