EaterDC: Hill Country Works on Reviving Backyard Barbecue Series, Plus More Intel

Originally published in EaterDC

Menu Updates

Brookland’s Finest Bar & Kitchen has updated its menu for spring, folding in seasonally inspired offerings including a salad composed of red lentils, butter beans, and morels ($12), as well as a vegan carpaccio featuring heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, and pea tendrils ($12) alongside regional favorites such as Baltimore pit beef sandwiches ($14) and fried Maryland catfish ($17).

Up the road a bit, the Dolcezza Gelato Factory and Coffee Lab is done hibernating for the winter and is ready to hit the ground running with gourmet milkshakes. The new creations ($8 a pop) include: lemon pound cake (lemon pound cake pieces, Meyer lemon sherbet, whipped cream, and candied lemon zest), coffee and cookies (Stumptown Hair Bender espresso gelato, stracciatella-covered Biscoff cookies, and whipped cream), and Cinnamon Toast Crunch (Vietnamese cinnamon gelato, Cinnamon Toast Crunch pieces, whipped cream, and cinnamon powder).

New milkshakes at Dolcezza Factory.
[Farrah Skeiky]

The milkshakes are available exclusively at the factory (550 Penn Street NE) from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday through Sunday.