Coffee & Biscotti

Well, first of all folks, Happy Inauguration! It has been a long time coming, hasn’t it?! It is the first time we are here for an inauguration and it is kinda exciting, seeing all the buzz and attention that DC is getting around this event and the change that is on the near horizon. You can feel it in the air. Along with all the politicos descending upon our city, there are a whole lot of foodie folks as well.
So, as we are locked down in this arctic spell, we have been staying inside our shop eating gelato and hovering around our precious coffee and newly found biscotti treats, compliments of Gilda’s Biscotti. Gilda came by our store several months ago and left a note saying that she would like to work with us. So, we gave her a ring and she sent us a huge box of samples. After polishing off the entire box in a couple of hours, we wanted more. So, we started with 4 flavors: Chocolate Espresso, Chocolate Hazelnut, Almond Anise & Candied Orange and Almond. True authentic biscotti with wonderful flavor combinations and great texture. We have also started working with Polly Brown, who makes our cinnamon shortbreads and honey graham crackers. They literally melt in your mouth and you can tell she doesn’t skimp on the butter. We are beginning to fill our shop with treats from local artisans to compliment our gelati & espresso. So, even though it is a bit cold out, and probably will be for a couple of more months, come by and check out our new treats before we end up eating them all.