It’s unbelievable the vibes that are running and streaking through our city streets these days. Everyone seems to be walking around in a state of bliss & euphoria. It feels a bit like a dream when i am able to sit back far enough and observe it from a distance. I knew that it was going to be a HUGE moment, but living inside of it, and at the epicenter of it all, makes it all feel so much more significant. Violeta and i were talking with Ris Lacoste at the farmers’ market this weekend, whom we adore and feel so much respect for. I said that it must have felt something like this during the 60’s, with so many people coming together in the country, hopeful for change and new possibilities. She said that it was probably an even more significant event, which i have been chewing on and pondering ever since. I don’t really know if it is or not, i obviously wasn’t around then, and i am around now, but whether it is or not, it has certainly created this HUGE momentum, which is super exhilarating and inspiring to feel and be a part of.
So, with all this inspiration floating around everywhere, it has got me dreaming about all things Dolcezza and the part we play in the burgeoning DC culinary scene. This coming spring we will perform a total renovation to our kitchen, creating much more space and getting all new appliances, replete with knives, Kitchen Aid mixer and marble tables. I have visions of creating a beautiful coppeta menu with granitas, sauces, ganaches, pralines, whipped cream, mini gourmet cones, etc. It’s all a part of completing our concept for our gelateria. We are also going to put in a full coffee bar with loads of home-made pastries and putting pints on gourmet market shelves in the local DC area. There are so many ideas, it is just a matter of choosing the ones which we can do at a deep and thorough level, just like we do with our gelati & espresso drinks.
So, hopefully all you folks will be out there in the crowds and cold to be a part of this special day in history. Come by if you want to warm up with a coffee or gelato, we will be hanging at the shop, a-hoping and a-dreaming.