Bethesda Row [take that!*@?!]

So, I am never going to make a prediction for a store opening again. Last Wednesday we finished installing our new hardwood floors. That night, the water line to our newly installed La Marzocco GB5 espresso machine “popped off” and flooded our store, thus ruining our hardwood floors. Sound familiar? Sort of a Shining-like deja-vu. Well, shit-hell-fire, that’s just what happened, another flood and another floor bites the dust. We finished taking it up today, tossing it to the graveyard. We didn’t even feel like writing about it, feeling like a bunch of losers, how many wood floors does it take?! or maybe it’s how many people does it take to install a wood floor?! something like that!#*@ Anyways, we have listened to the wood floor gods and gone out and bought a real old fashioned mosaic tile floor, flood proof and all!? So, with a little bit of luck and lots of good ole voodoo, we will do the install this week. When are we opening? Who can say anymore at this point! 10 days? 12 days?
The only thing I can say, is that we are going off in our Wisconsin Ave store, spinning lots of locally grown Virginia strawberries, Maryland mints and Pennslyvania Lemon Ricotta Cardamom. After all is said and done, we will be throwing down hard with a big cathartic celebration. We will open “quietly” and get familiar with our new territory and then approximately 2 weeks after opening we will give away gelato for the entire night, just to get it all out of our system, all 300 gallons or so. What a dramatic build-up it has been, and what a dramatic gelato throwdown it will be. So, stay tuned for the date of the opening and the date of the insane give away. We will make it, this I assure you, come hell or high water. We leave you with a Black & White image of our new sign in Bethesda, which at least is waterproof and is hanging outside of our store right now.