Mosaic Floors in Bethesda Row

So, we have completed the installation of floor numero tres, and, for painfully obvious reasons, it is not a wood floor, we have chosen to go with a mosaic tile floor. After all that has passed, we actually think we like the mosaic floors better than the wood, and not just because they are more water-proof, but because it gives a totally different feel to the space, a bit more refined, classical and european. What we lost in the warmth from the wood floors has been more than compensated from the mosaic floors. They certainly open the space up a bit more and make it feel bigger. This week we are going to start the final inspection process and goddess willing, we hope to pass and open up for the weekend, but PLEASE do not take this as any prediction, as we have been burned too many times already. We will just say that we are super happy with our 3rd floor and are super anxious to open our doors and bring our gelati to a new land.
Remember, we are going to give away a ton of gelato 2 weeks after opening our doors. We will announce to everyone the exact date and time.
In the meantime, enjoy the images of a beautiful gelateria to come.