Bethesda Row [take 4]

Well, here we are checking out the scene in our soon to be 2nd locale. Most of the hardwood floors were installed on Saturday and they are beautiful. They add a touch of warmth to the space, especially alongside the cool marble bar. We hope to pass through our inspections unscathed and will open the following week, say May the 20th, just in time for my mum’s birthday, would be kinda cool, actually. So, for now we are just taking it easy on a green rainy night, prepping for another day of running around like a bunch of Cuckoo’s. In the meantime, we received our first strawberries of the spring from Westmoreland Berry Farm in Virginia, of which I will write more about in the next couple of days. Just trying to take in the cool breezy Sunday night. Be talk’n to you later.