dolcezza dupont

When Bev, Eric, Violeta and I were planning this whole WHO THE F!@K CARES party, we were approaching it from the angle of “let’s just jump in and see what happens.” Well, jump we did and get down was done, over 1,700 folks showed up and devoured 50 gallons of gelati and picked apart a 330lb red wattle pig, which had been smoked with hickory, walnut and locust at 200F for 22 hours right there in Dupont circle. We sat there all night tending the fire, shooting the shit, drinking beer & smoking the pig, and whatever else found its way to our lips. It was a grand crazy time that reminded me so much of growing up in Georgia and camping out in the mountains and staying up all night by the fire underneath a beautiful sky. The winds surely were whipping through the alley way, but as long as we stayed close to the fire we were all right. So, when Sunday rolled around, apart from the fact that we were all destroyed from the lack of sleep the night before, we had no problem of getting down to the music, the food and the overall vibes of all you folks who came out. We ran out of that beast of a pig by about 4:30pm and had to pull from our personal stash that we were storing in the smoker for the family afterwards. We were able to feed the rest of the crowd up until 6pm with that. We were blown away by the turnout and by the good vibes of all the people who came out. It was truly a beautiful time, and it certainly won’t be the last time. So thanks to all you folks who showed up, we were more than happy to share our place and food with you and we will definitely be doing this again.

planning session with the boys of how the hell to take 330lbs of goodness from
Bev’s truck to Eric’s smoker
dolcezza dupont strapped to the hilt
pig loaded on the BMF (Bad Mother Fucker) – that’s the real name, i swear
happy vibes