So, we speedily approach the opening of our 3rd store in Dupont Circle. Sometimes it has felt as if we were in a speeding car, swerving and careening around corners, barely hanging on and maintaining control, and other times, it has felt like a dream, months of planning and hard work now nearing fruition. One thing that is certain inside of all this un-certainty is that the Dupont store is a looker, i mean she’s just drop-dead gorgeous. We have done absolutely everything on this project, save for the actual licensed mechanical, electrical and plumbing work, of course, and this fact makes the space feel that much more special. It is us from the bottom up, down to the last screw we tighten. We are hoping to open our doors this Saturday, but think in reality, it will be more like next Monday or Tuesday, all depending on how the inspections go.
There is one date which is set in stone, and that is the grand opening for dupont. If you don’t come, it’s not our fault, and, yes, we will be extremely offended. To get all you non-believers out, all I need to say is free gelato, blue grass music and a 220lb, 20 hour smoking of a whole hog from our dear crazy friend, Bev Eggleston with Eco-Friendly Foods, and when I say crazy, I mean that in the highest honor. I mean the man is a true-blue mad pork shaman, sent and bent on a mission to spread the pork gospel. & we kinda feel the same way about our gelato and coffee, i mean if you’re not bent on a mission, then you just haven’t gone deep enough to find your passions and obsessions.
So, get all fancied up and come on out on Sunday, April 25th, from noon – 6pm to celebrate the grand opening of our Dupont Circle store. Dupont, we have arrived, and you shall never look the same!!