Jesus-Christ-Superstar, has it really been that long! 6 fucking months since my last post, 14 fucking months since my last nap!! yup, i guess so. i guess it’s just the way it is, i mean, being a new father, opening a 3rd store, running 6 farmers’ markets, producing & delivering to 70+ restaurants, moving to a new house, paying 2 mortgages until the old house is sold, all this on about 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night, do u really wanna talk about holding on to the last shred of sanity?! i do! so, i figure that’s about as good as a reason as any, as to why i haven’t updated this blog. too much going on & too little space to report on it. now, with winter fast approaching and the pace slowing down a bit, hopefully, i will be able to sit down and rant about the comings & goings of life at dolcezza. it’s truly a grand supernatural surreal exhilarating soul-satisfying shit-kicking experience, at least as good as any as i know. so, in the meantime i leave you with funny bunny ears & hope ya’ll are swell.