these days have been cloudy, misty, northwestern and just downright dank, it aint that bad when talking about certain things, but when it comes to our local climate, i just haven’t been digg’n it as-of-late. i was relieved and somewhat elated to see the clouds part and the sun peek out today, even if it was for a short while, before another storm passed through.
today we spun our first batch of CROOKNECK PUMPKIN gelato. these crooknecks come to us vis-a-vis zaccharia lester with TREE & LEAF, who has become some kind of biblical vegetable grower to me. he knows his shit and he lives, breathes and sleeps it, i mean this man is mad on a hell-bent mission to bring the finest produce to all mankind, or at least that is what i choose to believe in my self-generated, fully-enjoyed fantasy world. seriously, the man grows the finest crookneck or any kind of pumpkin i have seen and/or eaten. we cut ’em into 1-inch rounds, rub ’em down with a fresh ground spice mix of muscovado sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, allspice and zach’s freshly grated young ginger, we then roast them at 400F until they are fork tender, then we make a puree in the robot coupe and finally add it to our PERRYDELL milk and cream. the result is something so far beyond pumpkin pie that it can barely be compared as such. it is all about the pumpkin and barely about the spices, they are simply there to accompany, and not to star, the way pumpkin pie should be, but sadly, rarely is. in the next couple of weeks, we will also start making our GINGER CARDAMOM PISTACCHIO gelato, with the above mentioned biblical character’s young ginger, which is just as much about the beauty as it is the flavor. so, things around here are beginning to get cranked up and we are as well. we invite ya all down to any one of our shops or farmers’ market stands, so we can share some of this fine local bounty with ya and maybe a good conversation, or two. ya’ll be good, now.