you see, we really like the change of seasons, those moments of transition, from one roster of fruits to another. we are in the last week for peaches, nectarines, watermelons, cucumbers and plums and upon the first week for apples, pears, ciders, crookneck pumpkin, ginger and wildflower honey. the fall. autumn. personally my favorite season, lejos, it’s super charged with rich memories, mostly associated with smells, burning leaves, roasted pumpkins, mulled cider and what not. tomorrow, zach from tree&leaf will deliver the first crates of his crooknecks and young ginger and we say ‘oh yeah’. we love having our sunday coffee in the dupont shop and chatting with these masters, these vegetable growers, fruit tamers, butchers, salami makers, these folks who make our life so much richer, so much more delicious. these are the facets of the business that i never anticipated when we opened our doors to make gelato 7+ years ago, but they are now the daily fabric of our personal and professional life. by the way, did you see how neutrinos possibly traveled faster than the speed of light, talk about moments of transition, jeez, it’s all becoming so sci-fi, so-much-so, so-much-so, so good-bye.