Sometimes you can find inspiration lurking in the back alleyway of your house, just at the right moment, when the light is there, the charge is there and the scintilla of awareness is there. What is this thing we call inspiration, a word that mutes the actual felt emotion. Inspiration, inhaling spirits as my friend, Damien commented to me way back when in the day. It seems that sometimes it is possible to coax it into being, and bring it forth, other moments it feels as if it is far-far way, pouting back behind some clouds or gray sky. All I know is that inspiration is like fuel to my soul. When it is not naturally around, I go hunting for it around every corner. What about you? are you mad, looking for the seam in every moment, thinking that it just may split open, even for a brief second, or are you content with how it all works and how you work in it? Sometimes it can feel as if you are the main character in your own novel, which you happen to be writing, doesn’t it? hasn’t it? isn’t it? right now, yesterday & tomorrow.