Trails of Luis

Well, we just returned from Dulles airport and Luis is in the air returning to Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was here for 10 days while Violeta was off for her spring break. We had a wonderful time and already miss him and his presence. He is a true artist. These photos were taken by him while he was in and out of the store. He cooked wonderful meals at night – true italian simplicity. We had risotto with shrimp and calamari one night, another meal was fusilli topped with fresh tomato, garlic and basil, as always, mixed with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil (a nice one from Crete) and salt, and another night he roasted a nice piece of cod, wrapped in a purple cabbage leaf and topped with sauteed mushrooms and shallots. By the way, Luis is responsible for our new name, Dolcezza. Gracias Luis! Te queremos mucho!

This is the way we start each day at Dolcezza. A finely crafted latte – a double shot of a 29 second pull of toscano espresso, compliments of the rock stars at CCC, combined perfectly with finely frothed milk, which has been whipped up and is smooth and creamy – We then combine the two into a warm triple fired italian FAC porelain cup.

note: we have also been known to drink shot after shot of creamy espresso until we get so fired up we start slapping each other around the store. we then bring ourselves down gently with 5 oz. cappuccinos. what a life. what a life.