Blood Oranges at their Peak

The blood oranges in the last couple of weeks have been amazing. I cut them open and just sit there looking at them before realizing I need to run them through the juicer to make exquisite, pulp-filled sorbetto. It is part of what makes using fresh fruit so rewarding, because we get to watch the fruits unfold through their maturation process – as they begin to ripen, then reach their peak, then go away, only to come back in the next season. It is similar to a wine or coffee, where so much depends on the farmer, the soil, the rain, the heat, etc… & how it will always somehow be different from year to year. It makes the whole process feel more alive, more organic and there is always an element of surprise when the next season rolls around. Is there really any other way to do it?!

Gracias Luis por las fotos, son bellisimas! Te extraniamos.