Meet your barista: Jasmine C.

Every week or two, we’ll be using the blog to reacquaint you with some familiar faces: our baristas. Find out how they got into this mess in the first place and more. We’re moving on to round three with Jasmine Coley.

Name: Jasmine Coley
Store: Logan Circle
Years with Dolcezza: One
How do you take your coffee? I always drink my coffee black unless I’m drinking a wonderful cappuccino.
What made you want to work for Dolcezza? I initially applied to Dolcezza just because I needed a job, however I stayed and fell in love with this company because of the people I was given an opportunity to work with as well as the care and extreme detail that is put into every aspect of this company.
Favorite coffee region: My favorite coffee region is by far the Guatemalan.
Affogato of choice: Black sesame.
Favorite music to play at work: Soul/R&B as well as some of our alternative stations.
Funniest/weirdest Dolcezza story: The funniest story I have is from a closing shift earlier this year. Closing was Nate and I and this couple came in wanting Gelato. So we were talking to them about the flavors and sizes giving the full run-down. The boyfriend then asked if they she was treating him, with a straight face she looked at him and said “I don’t f*ck with you” Nate and I couldn’t believe that she said that with such a straight face and starting laughing immediately as well as the couple themselves. It was by far my favorite customer experience.