march 2015 mixtape

More often than not, DC weather dictates the theme or the mood of the monthly mixtape. We want the songs on each mix to set a soundtrack for the feelings a particular type of weather brings about. But the beginning of March has been tricky– freezing rain has left a sheet of glass-like ice in its wake more than once in the past few weeks, and will then be thawed by sparkling sunlight, but only to be replaced again by something colder. We find ourselves anxious for spring to come about, for more reasons than one.

Spring means the ice has thawed. It means a colorful bounty will find itself in farmer’s fields again. It means we have more to work with. It means we have more of our favorites to share with you.

This mix is meant to “thaw;” to be the transition from an icy start to March to a milder month in which we reintroduce ourselves to sunny days. Click here or on the image below to listen on Spotify.