Madness [take One]

Testing…Testing…1-2-3. Is there anyone out there? Well, after 2.5 weeks of trying to nail down a general contractor, master plumber and master electrician, we still have absolutely nada. Hopefully that will change tomorrow at the store, as we are to meet with a general contractor. We are keeping our fingers x’ed. The thing we have been breaking our heads on for the last 10 days is trying to arrange an XRAY team to come out and send some cobalt rays through 14 inches of concrete. This is needed so we don’t drill through the conduit and electrocute the driller while knocking out power to the rest of the complex; if this happens we will quickly pack our things and crawl into the nearest & deepest hole. Did you know that when they take the XRAY’s, no one can be within a 200 foot of the radius of the site? Word has it, that men go sterile if they were to walk within the ray’s radius. I don’t know if it’s true, but I am not going to find out. It’s pretty scary SCI-FI stuff, if you ask me. Anyways, here’s what the huge windows and 3 doors look like to our new space. Tis a beauty, huh?! Hopefully we will start knocking around and putting together our bar in the upcoming week. Stay tuned, as the drama is sure to thicken.