Glorious Daze

This past Monday was one of those days, when the heavens open and the angels sing. Violeta & I walked to the store and drank our sacramental coffee. That Toscano Espresso was oozing copper red, brown, thick & sweet. The morning coffee is one of the days moments I relish the most. So, after our coffee experience, we strolled home through the Georgetown neighborhood, back home to our Dupont apartment. The day was amazing, birds chirping, squirrels chasing, 70 degrees, sunshine and a nice little breeze pushing us along the city streets. As we neared our apartment, the sky grew dark and the rains came down, seemingly out of nowhere. So, it rained for a couple of hours and the temperature dropped by about 10 degrees, at least it felt that way. Then, as the storm peeled away, this glorious day left us with the confirmation, her beautiful colors arching the blue-gray sky.
True inspiration.