Hail the Strawberry

Oh Strawberry, oh local Strawberry, how much sweeter and juicier and flavorful and fantastic you are alongside your gigantic psuedo cousin – the mass produced, far away, picked before its time, strawberry. We have been picking up our local strawberries for the past 3 Sundays at Dupont Farmers Market. Today, we picked up many a flat from Mark at Toigo Orchards and I have never had such an ‘explosion in the mouth’ strawberry. They are bursting with sweetness and juice and flavor and brightness and freshness. We will be spinning out many flavors of Strawberry in the next 3 to 4 weeks until they are sadly gone. Ephemeral local Strawberries. That’s why they are so special, now you see em, now you don’t. You really should stop by and check out what these strawberries taste like in a sorbetto. Capturing the essence of the fruit is what making sorbetto is all about. This week we are spinning Strawberry sorbetto, Strawberry Balsamic & Black Pepper, Strawberry gelato and Dulce de Leche Dolcatta.

oh yeah, i almost forgot…VAMOS ARGENTINA!!!