Damn, that Mexican Vanilla!

Yep, I said it, kinda like Murky Coffee. We spun up a small test batch of Mexican Vanilla this weekend. I shucked the beans and added the pure extract and let it sit for 24 hours. & the result is the best vanilla I have ever tasted. This is not about any kind of bragging rights, all the credit is due to the beans. Thank you AH CACAO. Hats off! This is the BEST, SPICIEST, FULLEST BODY Vanilla I have ever had. I didn’t think I would say that after falling for the Tahitian Vanilla, but this is serious vanilla. For the true test pilots of vanilla gelato/ice cream, we would set it down next to any vanilla for a comparison. Strong words. Yep. Good vanilla. Yep. So come around and give it a test ride. We will have Mexican Vanilla gelato begining on Thursday and going until there is no more. I give it a month, tops. We will see. & so will you.

Foto of mexican vanilla beans on the vine – compliments of AH CACAO.