Farmers’ Market

This is how our Sunday began, today, with light coming up over the clouds and spilling into our little shop, illuminating the newly adorned windows. First, we began with our morning coffee, obviously, and then quickly loaded our van to head to the Dupont Farmers’ market. MAN!! it is so good to be back at the market, filled with folks who grow, raise, produce and appreciate good food. Today we spoke about having a farmers retreat on Bev’s land at Eco Friendly Foods and brainstorming up a local food movement, and then we chatted with Melanie from Keswick Creamery about how we are in the middle of, and at the forefront of a food revolution, brought to you by these folks who bring their goods from their farms and fill our city streets. How charged and energetic these markets are surprises us every time we go. Violeta and I used to shop at the market for our home and for the store, but now to be amoungst these amazing people, it brings us a deeper level of respect and a new appreciation of what these folks really do, and who they are as people. There are so many personalities: visionaries, intellectuals, grassroots organizers, grumps, butchers, bakers and cheese makers. It is a little bubble that pops up every Sunday and let’s us breathe a different air. It makes us realize that it is much bigger than simply making gelato, that it is a connection to something deeper, a different way of eating, raising children, doing business, relating to people, making choices and living, in general. It is a bubble that is alive and filled with beautiful music.