Drama in dolceZZa landia

Well, what can we say. We installed our hardwood floors, which were brought up from Argentina this past Thursday. Lots of cutting and lots of laying. On Saturday morning, as we were talking with our partner Dimas, he told us that the floor had been totally ruined and warped from a flood that took place Friday night. He said as he walked on the floor, water seeped out from under it. The flooding was a result of a blocked drain in one of the apartments above our store. So, it was not our fault but still, Total Nightmare. So, we figured, there are only a couple of approaches we can take – one, is something more of a Buddhists approach and just go with the flow of the chaos which is most certainly guaranteed when opening a new store, a new store in Montgomery County, at that, and second, we could choose a bit more existential approach and say, end it all over a tall, steep rocky cliff, perhaps. Luckily, we chose to take the first approach, a bit more gentle and to guarantee that Bethesda Row is still a go. We don’t really know when our opening will be as we are awaiting news about the extent of damage. Cross your fingers for no more tragic news. We will wake up early tomorrow and asses the scene in Bethesda and I will be sure to post some of the photos.
On a much lighter note, we opened the farmer market season this week, setting up a stand in Penn Quarter for Thursday’s market and today, Sunday, setting up in Dupont Circle farmer’s market. It was sooooo good to be back. There is no place with fresher vibes than the farmer’s markets and we are so anxious for the strawberries to begin popping their head’s up and ushering in the summer fruits. We are about to get super busy at Dolcezza, so stay tuned for lots of new flavors and loads of drama.