EaterDC: Opening Alert: Dolcezza Comes to CityCenter with Nitro Iced Coffee

Originally published in EaterDC

Dolcezza opens its latest location today in CityCenter. This is the first downtown business district location for the company.

“Every shop that we have already is more neighborhood-centric,” said co-owner Robb Duncan. “This one is [geared towards] the downtown office worker and weekend restaurant-goers.” It’s also smack in the middle of plenty of high-end retail, due to its CityCenter storefront. “That’s kind of cool; we can show that we can…rock it at that stage as well.”

The latest location has a standing bar along 9th Street NW, and a massive table custom-built for the shop. The Penn Quarter shop is where Dolcezza will debut its nitro cold-brew iced coffee, which adds nitrogen to create a creamy effect, which Duncan likens to a nitrogen pour one might get when having a Guinness. The process brings out different flavor notes in the coffee as well. That coffee is $5.50 per cup. They’ll eventually roll that out to all Dolcezza locations.

Dolcezza will give out free mini-cones of gelato for their grand opening event Sunday from 2-5 p.m. They’ll carry Stumptown cold brew at the location, too.

Dolcezza CityCenter, 904 Palmer Alley, NW, website