dolcezza’s september playlist

We find ourselves resisting the descent into nostalgia when September rolls around. We crave the crisp bite of Autumn badly, but the lingering humidity stands between us and a season that seems to have more personality than the other three.

At Dolcezza, fall means diving into some of our most ambitious flavors. For how much longer can we hang on to peaches? How many different apple sorbettos can we create, and how do we pronounce the character of each variety? What booze pairs best with crookneck pumpkin or sweet potato?

In my mind, September is associated with meeting new people, and through them, discovering new music. Fall meant a slew of mixtapes and burned CDs finding their way into my locker, or sharing a pair of headphones with a friend and lunch– which always devolved into a heated debate about all the “The” bands of the early 2000s; about where David Bowie would be without Mick Ronson, and so on.

Maybe the textures and tones of a grey skyline just mesh really well with 90s grunge and folk-rock, but fall is about comfort in the familiar. The September Mixtape calls to the days of walkmen and hand-me-down jeans, budding friendships and romances discovered in those first days of school, and the vast, complicated landscape of teenage emotions that these songs signify.

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