dolcezza’s october mixtape

For most, the beginning of October is signaled by a barrage of pumpkin-flavored items. There are a few hits, sure, but mostly misses. We’re not too far from breaking out the crookneck pumpkins and sweet potatoes, but for now we’re having a lot of fun with apples of the gold rush and honeycrisp varieties from Toigo Orchards in PA, as well as some really great bartlett pears.

Okay, and we’ve also got an exceptionally strong hankering for flannel plaid shirts, jean jackets, and re-runs of our favorite Halloween movies on TV. This is apparently the only time of the year in which binging on Addams Family re-runs is perfectly acceptable, besides Thanksgiving. It’s also a really beautiful month of transition from us, as we see some of our beloved herbs disappear for the season, especially things like opal basil.

We didn’t want the October playlist to be too much of a costume party thing, but we couldn’t ignore the crisp and creepy vibes of this month all together. Click here or on the image below to listen on spotify.