Chocolate Criollo

Well, DC folks, I have come to Mexico, but I have not forgotten about the peeps back home, nope, I will never forget you and our little Georgetown shop. I have tracked down some wonderful CRIOLLO COCOA, which translates into Chocolate Criollo gelato coming soon. I have secured enough to make small 2 kg batches for at least a couple of weeks, and believe me, you will want to come by and check it out. I have eaten the finished product here at a local chocolate cafe and it is wonderful. & I can’t wait to see how it turns out when we sit down & apply our alchemical touch of transforming the raw cocoa into a smooth, deep, dark, rich chocolate gelato. Yes Sir, & Ma’am, this is artisanal, by hand cocoa, grown and processed in Chiapas and Tabasco, Mexico, following the ancient Mayan traditions. This is our first trip of Origin, where we travel to the source, and bring back raw materials to make into gelato and sorbetto, and I can’t wait to get this one spinning…although, I am not too anxious, as Mexico is a magical place and we are not even half way through our journey. So, coming around the second week of June, you may want to peek in our store and see if there is flavor which reads CHOCOLATE CRIOLLO.

p.s. I am also trying to track down some Mexican Vanilla beans! so keep posted.