Well, we have arrived back to our stateside home of Washington DC. Ever since returning on Sunday morning, I have been drifting through those deju-vu states of feeling like I am still down in Buenos Aires but with the realization that I am actually right here in my DC apartment, kinda strange and detaching, like watching a movie where you are the main character, and somehow feeling as if you are also writing the plot, you get me?? We have so many little projects to fire up here at the shop, it is quite exhilarating actually. To run down several: we will be starting by creating a seasonal, changing-all-the-time dessert menu, which will consists of several sundaes or coppettas. We will use gelato as the base and combine it with homesade sauces, ganaches, whipped cream, pralines, granitas, semmifreddos, cookies, brownies, spices, salts and such. It will be an a adventure of flavor and texture combinations. For example, i am thinking of having a CHOCOLATE AMARGO COPPETTA, which will consist of a scoop of our valrhona chocolate amargo gelato, a scoop of blood orange sorbetto, home made cream chantilly and home made chocolate ganache. The fruit component, blood orange in this case, will change with the seasons, so in May and June, we may combine the chocolate gelato with a strawberry sorbetto, while they are in season locally. Another idea is a simple ESPRESSO GRANITA, an elegant combination of espresso granita and home made cream chantilly. It will be an embarkment on a whole slew of new flavor creations and we are psyched.
Sometime around May, we will also be launch our full cafe, which means we will begin to open at 7:30 in the morning and offering several coffee varietals by setting up a pour over bar and using the beautiful changing coffees of our roaster Counter Culture Coffee. For pastries, we will be using the amazing-delicate-delicious-insane pastries of Wes over Quail Creek Ovens, which we will pick up every week when we set up our tent next to him at Penn Quarter Farmers’ Market, which starts early April. Speaking of farmers’ markets we will be starting in Dupont Circle Farmers’ Market this coming Sunday or the next, depends on what Bernie says. Come April and May we will be running 5 farmers markets: Dupont Circle, Penn Qtr, 14th & U, H St NE and Falls Church. Things are about to go hell-fire-crazy around here we is ready to burn!