Well, according to the primitive folk, whom lived in much closer contact with this planet than us moderns do, it is officially spring, and it definitely felt & smelt of it today. Dupont Farmers’ market was crawling with hungry people, and our tent was a Crawling-King-Snake of ’em. We pulled out some new ones, like SEVILLE ORANGE CORIANDER SEED & WHISKY. A smooth tart bitter brew, with a light scent of lemon riding through it compliments of the freshly ground coriander infused throughout. If you forgot how fresh the breeze can run and how warm the sun can feel, get your ass out of bed early one Sunday morning and head to the Dupont Circle farmers’ market, the place is rife with folks, full of good tastes and Whole Foods bags. Today, for the first time at the market, we sold out of every single flavor we bought, all 200 half-pints of em, our tent buzzed like ants to sugar and it was a trip. Between my mother-in-law, Isabel selling in her heavy accented injun english and Violeta bagging up one order after another, it was a grand time, 4 hours going by like 4 minutes streaking nude down the street. Lots more to come. We are just getting started. yo!