Jeez-Louise, July is almost over. Just like that. The fact that I haven’t even looked at this blog since mid June will attest to one thing, this summer has been totally insane! Running 2 shops, 5 farmers’ markets & delivering 6 days a week to about 60 local restaurants and hotels. It has been a bright and intense summer, thus far. So, since there is still one more month left to go, I will just do a stream-of-consciousness-data-dump to sum up the events of this past month.

strawberries, rhubarbs, tarragon, mint, basil, hotel pools, gastrofreaks in jamaica, farmers’ markets, sonic youth, depeche mode, honduras, red raspberries, black raspberries, purple raspberries, birthing class, baby shopping, mentally-physically-spiritually preparing for baby girl, pema, rainbows, rainy spring, sleeping, not sleeping, stressing, chilling, thick espresso, perfect texture, best chocolate gelato in DC, homemade chicken stock, suckling pig, komi, apricots, white peaches, yellow peaches & loads of southern comfort, tia maria & bourbon. oh yeah, the toigo cook-out, which we missed, fuck! see you in august.